World of Warcraft with a Controller


So I’ve been dabbling in WoW again, this time playing with a controller. Playing with WoWMapper (an app that lets WoW recognize your controller), a controller, and with these addons, once set up nicely, makes WoW feel almost like a different game. It’s a lot of fun so far.

Video I saw talking about setting this up:

by BelluarGaming

Remember that this is going to take you some time, but here’s how to set this up yourself:

Firstly, set up a controller on your PC. However you wanna do that. 🙂 It seems this setup should work with an Xbox controller, a PS4 controller, or a Steam Controller. Not sure about any others. For reference, though, my setup uses a PS3 controller that is emulating an Xbox controller.

Then, you need three components (with an optional fourth and fifth) to get this running like you’ve seen in this video.

1 – WowMapper

This is the only piece of external software you need. Download the installer and get it working with your controller. I wish I could be more specific, but I can’t.

2 – ConsolePort

This is an addon for WoW. I’m going to trust you know how to install addons already. Install this one.

3 – Dynamic Cam

Another addon for WoW. Install this, too. Now, go to the BelluarGaming video I linked ABOVE and read that video’s description for a link to his Quick Guide. That Quick Guide shows you all the settings you need to make Dynamic Cam do all the cool zoom and combat stuff. (Note: BelluarGaming’s Quick Guide leaves out the settings for NPC Interactions, but after you’ve spent some time looking through DynamicCam’s settings you can probably just set it up on your own.)

Spend some time getting all three of these working together and you could have a really fun setup working for yourself!

Additionally, there are two optional components you might consider.

(Optional) 4 – An addon that lets you move or hide parts of the UI. For this video, because I don’t know much about WoW addons these days, I just looked one up quickly and am using an addon called MoveAnything. This might not remain my permanent solution, and if you have an addon that already offers this functionality and you like that one, then by all means stick with yours. But, if you need a quick solution like I did, here’s the link to MoveAnything:

(Optional) 5 – An addon that lets you change unit nameplates and such. I used Tidy Plates:

Hope you folks have fun!

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  1. the grey windows by quests and when you speak with npcs are adjusting with ConsolePort ? If so how do I set this?

  2. Is there any way I can get just parts of it. I want to still use mouse and keyboard and a standard ui and keybindings and such but want to have that more eso style aiming. I essentially want that soft tab targeting and have my camera move with my mouse.

  3. Been playing WoW with a controller for years now. Why? Because a) it's more fun that way and b) I can easily kick back in a recliner or on the couch without any trouble. And it is just as effective as a keyboard/mouse. Healing- probably wouldn't be the greatest- but other than that, I've been using it in PvP, raids or dungeons and I have no problem keeping the same stats as with a mouse/keyboard. I actually don't use addons either- so I can easily switch between my controller and mouse/keyboard (which I rarely actually do). With that- I've actually bound shift and ctrl- which essentially means I have endless amounts key combos- way more than any normal person would ever need. And yes- if set up right- you can easily toggle between movement and the mouse cursor.

  4. So, i looked at the ConsolePort curse website and I saw the "keyboard." How am i supposed to activate that? No clue on how to get to it


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