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Watch movies online for free. BG Films has Youtube movies for free on my channel. You can watch Youtube free movies online without downloading. Check out action assassin movie “Dinner with an Assassin” Recut.

The successful action movie “Dinner with an Assassin” Recut. It’s the second feature film from writer/director Bobby Guions who proves to be quite adept at handling a conventional premise with style and imagination.

Yet what he does best is to roll everything up into a tightly wound and slow-burning narrative that threatens to burst from the tension at any moment and finally does in a series of finely-executed plot twists and action sequences.

The film is official selection at The Houston Black film Festival and San Francisco Black Film Festival. The film won best feature at Atlanta Spaghetti Junction Film Festival.

Film Awards:
Winner Newark Black Film Festival.
Winner Houston Black Film Festival.
Winner Spaghetti Junction Black Film Festival.

Movie Story: Black martial artist (John Jet) plays Mark, a young assassin hired to take out members of a large drug syndicate. But, he bumps into a mysterious woman and falls for her. Instead of just doing his job Mark throws caution into the wind and breaks all the rules.

Dinner with Assassin is action packed martial arts movie. It’s a great fighting movie with lots of twist and turns. African American martial arts actor John Jet delivers some great fights and amazing action.

Dinner Assassin received 5 stars from Kungfu Cinema and won several awards. Watch this exclusive recut of this classic black action film for free on Youtube.

Starring: Ray Arroyo, Dexter Brown, Jennifer Brown

Runtime: 1 hour, 27 minutes


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  1. Ive just finished watching the movie- the guy is just good…..fucking rona is dead scared of this guy

  2. I'm the director-producer of the movie, thanks for your support.
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