Tiny Tank Vs Champions League GARETH Mk2 War Robots Gameplay WR


War Robots Gameplay with the Tiny Tank GARETH Mk2 fighting the current meta at in WR.

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  1. Man I do miss the old War Robots with no revamped work shop, no MK2 and where one of the best robots was the Raijin, Lancelot, and the Leo. Now a-days you just see Titans, Robots with like 400k health dealing 100k a second, robots flying. Its either to easy or to hard to deal with.

  2. Haha! That was fun. Imagine getting killed by a gareth in champion league!! But the problem is that with this little thing, you can get at least 3 kills. The most impresive in your gameplay Manni was the Ao Jun. What a beast. I cant wait to win Scorpion.

  3. hey i still use rockets hit and run does a really good job i get lots of 1st and 2nd place using
    rockets mid range not the short rang short range gets you killed LOL

  4. Guys today i got a weapon name corona but why do i get that in the worst time i got corona i the game and its coronoa time

  5. My favorite bot in lower tier. It could kill a full health leo if use wisely. You've given justice to this bot Manni.


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