The Ultimate BACHELOR PARTY Activities


Ahh, summer. Aka wedding season. Which means lots and lots of Bachelor parties. (Goodbye freedom!) Chris Palliser shows us how to create the perfect send-off into marriage.

5. Pitch and Putt Stanley Park

Kick-off the Bachelor party shenanigans with some balls – and a beautiful, scenic view – at Stanley Park Pitch and Putt. Lots of open space so you can act like a goon with the guys in somewhat privacy.

4. Go-karting at TBC

Doesn’t matter how old a man is. Go-karting is always a guaranteed good time. Speed around the track at TBC Indoor Racing in Richmond going 75km an hour – the closest you’ll get to being a Nascar racer. TBC also has an arcade with video games and pool tables.

3. Fishing

The ultimate guys-guy experience. Pack some beers, and hit up one of the many lakes in BC – just make sure you follow conduct and have your license. More info:

2. Strippers at No.5 Orange

No bachelor party is complete without strippers. No.5 Orange is considered by many as one of the best strip clubs in Vancouver. Get a lap dance, have a few rounds, and enjoy the view…

1. Pub Crawl on Granville Street

Start the night walking, but you and your crew will definitely be on all-fours by the end of the night. We recommend you try and pace yourself, but let’s face it. You won’t.


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