THE LAST WORD QUEST! FUNNY! | Destiny 2 Black Armory Gameplay


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  1. Late Comment but hey I finnished this 2 days ago and is this harder than grinding for Thorn??

    Edit: Btw I did Last Word Quest On The Console so I Had Trouble Doing It XD

  2. Holy shit this video would be far more entertaining if I didn’t have to hear you bitching and whining every fucking minute

  3. 1:14 i also just recently thought the about the box… this looks new and kinda out of place was this always here? xD

  4. You can get larvae in escalation protocols and other the best weapon to use for the fourth step of the last word would be a scout or sniper rifle

  5. I would love Bungie to bring out an Exotic weapon called “Deeznutzgoteem”.
    It’s like an Acrius but as it deletes an enemy, it just screams YEET!

  6. The question here is if chibi knows the lore behind the Last Word because the Last Word really is a interesting weapon.And how it got to be come a weapon in the first place.

  7. Waaaaaa nerf Nova warp I remember those days then the titans started going crazy lol and people complained about that stfu lol

  8. God this was the worst quest I've ever forced myself through

    Like I just sat there and got like 5 exotic quests in a single night

  9. You know what chibi, you do all of this comedic stuff but you helped me and many others through hard times in their lives no matter what they were going through. I was in your twitch chat a few weeks ago and was talking to this guy. We started talking for a bit longer and in my whispers he told me that you saved his life. He didn't tell me what and why but just by your words he said that you changed his life.


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