"The Chaperone" – QUICKEST And EASIEST Way To Do The Last Word Quest!! (Jolly Holliday Quest)


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Tell me if this sounds familiar. There you are, trying to do your quest with the Last word and every time you start to make some progress, you get your ass handed to you by some bullshit and you end up going in to stage 7 rage and never get any closer to completing the damn quest.

Well here’s some tricks to make it easier for you to complete it

If you can get into a private match with your friends or a rumble, they can let you kill them to get it done faster.

If you can’t, here’s what you do:

You don’t need to have the last word equipped the entire match. You just need to have it equipped WHEN you get your kills. You don’t get credit for kills when it’s not equipped – but you also don’t LOSE credit when it’s not.

So only equip it when you know your gonna rattle off a handful of kills in a row. Got a super? Equip the last word. Got heavy ammo? Hide and then equip it – pop off some easy rocket kills and then hide and unequip it again.

Is your team about to win the match? Equip that shit right before the match ends and you’ll get credit!

It’s easy if you just make sure you only equip it when you know you’re about to get some easy kills!

Later, you’ll have to do a shotgun quest. Don’t waste your time with the Ultras – you need a ton of them. Just run around and get some buckshot bruiser medals by getting 3 kills in a row with a shotgun without reloading in between.

The almost final step is to kill the shield brothers with a shotgun. THIS STEP BLOWS!!!!

First of all – you’ll get a special strike that opens up on the dreadnaught. Second of all, you don’t have to be the one to get the last hit for it to count, BUT just be careful cuz I and some other people HAVE Gotten robbed of getting credit for the kill when someone else finished him off with a different weapon. To be safe, you may want to just make sure you deal the final blow or have the team make sure they all have shotguns equipped.

Here’s a cool little cheese spot! If you stand next behind this crate, Valus Mau’ul the flying douchebag will just sit here and let you spray bullets in his face. He may hit you on his way there but after that he just sits there…. Until they patch it that is.


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  1. Literally have just been equipping Last Word at the end of every match I know I'm about to win. I get in a corner and hide at the end lol. I'm already up to 69%!!

    Ps it takes fucking forever

  2. Anyone want to private match this shitter on PS4? I went on an 11 kill streak with TLW and ONLY got to 36%, that's some horse shit! over the next few matches managed to drop to 31%

  3. the private matches won't work, well for me exactly. I helped a friend out with the chaperone, it went to 100 but he didn't get the next step

  4. first part of the qwest is near impossible. when i got my super up i equip TLW and killed 3 people with my bladedancer and it did not count the credit.


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