The 4 Programs I Use to Make Games: Free and Open Source Software


Pigdev’s video:
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The programs presented in the video:

– Godot
– Krita
– Blender
– Emacs and Spacemacs

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  1. Go watch Pigdev's video!

    The 4 programs I use work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and are:
    1. For digital painting and image editing, Krita ➡
    2. For 3d but more importantly video editing, and all tutorials on the channel, Blender 3d ➡
    3. My general text editor, code editor, and project management tool is Emacs, with the Spacemacs distribution ➡ and
    4. My favorite 2d and 3d game engine is Godot ➡ (Godot presentation: )

  2. I'm working on a game on clickteam. And when I finish an image on krita, i cant import my image into clickteam because the file is a krita file. Is there a way to solve this?

  3. Nice video bro, I can't draw nor have the money to hire an artist… Is there any character generator softwares? Like RPG Maker has a character generator which comes with the game engine but is there any software that can do that? Thanks. & What game engine would you recommend to create a 2d Turn Based RPG Game? Thanks.

  4. I bought construct 3 a couple of month ago, it was good, I loved to place objects and edited already made templates, but construct 3 didn't work anymore, I moved to unreal engine because it's the most better game development software, but I do miss construct 3, I'm prepared to make games

  5. Krista's problem is its bad scaling on high-DPI Windows, and lack of the ability to manually scale the font size of each UI element.

  6. sorry.. im new to these things. what is the different between unity and blender? what categories of functions do they belong?

  7. I used emacs for a very long time, but have recently (last couple of years) picked up atom. I'll have a look at spacemacs, though I've lost my touch with vim practices twenty years ago.

  8. After effects and the Affinity suite are all that's keeping me on windows, and insurgency, and PUBG, and farcry 5, and directX 😂


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