TERA • Farming Gold • 2018


Most favorite way how to earn gold in TERA is doing dungeons. I know. But for lower levels its useless, I would say. So here is my way how to fast earn gold. And the answer is MINING!

The areas for mining are:
Val Kaeli
Val Elenium – Sienna Canyon
Lorcada – Vale of Spires
Sylvanoth – Seeliewood, Darkquaver Woods
Helkan District – Khanovar Front

If you are too lazy with crafting or just dont wanna loe your time, or the gold you can get by mining isnt so much how would you want. You can check this site where you can buy GOLD for really good prices and the process is really fast. The site dont offer you only gold but even the items like pets, mounts, costumes, etc. ^^
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  1. Hello there Misya nice video 🙂
    I am a ps4 user and i can give you an advice about how to make gold.
    Make a reaper.
    They start at level 50 take 15 levels to get them to 65.
    So basically when you reach 65 you get a mission named FOR THE FEDERATION.
    Complete it untill it says 'Liliths keep'
    So then you get 1700 tier 9 feedstock after completing 5 missions.
    You can sell the tier 9 feedstock or turn it to tier 10 feedstock i sold 1500 tier 10 feedstock for 80k
    So it's almost 50-60k per 2 days cause you obviously won't have 1500 tier 10 feedstock by completing one reaper.
    Cause when you turn tier 9 to tier 10 you get half so 2 reapers which is equal to 4 days of grinding is equal to 80k 🙂 hope that helped GOOD LUCK HOOMAN BEING

  2. Awesome, I'm level 45 at the moment, haven't got into the crafting side of things yet, I'm just grinding through the quests! I'll give crafting a go once I level cap 😀 (PC Player)

  3. Nice video! I already knew about farming and crafting stuff to make gold, but figured I'd see if there were better methods, so I searched up and found this video. Though it was unnecessary for me to watch, it is very informative! Keep making Tera based content, our community needs it! <3

  4. Forget it…. The best way is buying it on those Gamesgoldfarm sites. In tera i founded today… 8 dollars = 100k in Tera.

  5. New subscriber. Love your accent and hair. I just started playing this game on ps4 last week. Thnx for making the vid 😊 looking forward to earning some gold.


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