Splatalot UK – Season 1 Episode 20 – Horseshoes & Volleyball


Gildar’s vanity rubs his fellow Defenders the wrong way in the Moat. The Attackers come bearing gifts of fudge and bacon, but unfortunately for one of them, Thorne feels more like giving than receiving.

Make sure you watch your favourite medieval-themed game show for kids as there is muck EVERYWHERE and it is everyone for themselves in the swamp!


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Splatalot is a hilarious medieval-themed physical game show geared to the tween audience, featuring an extreme obstacle course with heaps and loads of splats and spills. Each episode features a different group of thrill-seeking teen contestants, dubbed Attackers, competing in three hilarious rounds: Cross the Moat, Escape the Stockade, and Capture the Crown. The Defenders of Splatalot, an international squad of medieval-themed gladiators, do their best to protect the castle from the Attackers – leaving only one to be crowned King or Queen of Splatalot.

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