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Q-bitz is a game of visual dexterity. The game is for two to four players. Each player gets a building tray and a set of colored dice. You play nine rounds altogether: three sets of three different rounds. In round one, flip over a card and the first player to build the pattern on the card with their dice wins the card. In round two, players roll their dice and flip over another card. Then players try to build the pattern on the card using as many of their rolled dice as they can. When you can no longer build with the dice you have, roll them again. The first one to build the pattern wins that card. In round three, flip over another card, and all players have 10 seconds to study the pattern on that card. Then flip the card so that the pattern is no longer showing, and players try to build that pattern from memory. The player to build the pattern correctly first or whoever has the most cubes correctly if no one can build the whole pattern wins that card. The player with the most cards at the end of nine rounds wins. The game comes with 80 Q-bitz cards, four wooden trays, and four sets of 16 dice.

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