Problem with gamepad Saitek P380 in MLB 2K10


I have a problem with my pad – Saitek P380 in Major League Baseball 2K10. It’s looks like analogs don’t work well. Actually left is good, as you can see, when I choose the direction of the pitch or in menu, but axis to the left and up are negative. I have Xinput, but it’s probably don’t work, cause there isn’t any sound when I start the game. BTW when I start xinput.exe everything is good in the window of programe.

Any ideas how to fix it? My pitches are almost always a wild pitches, becasue of that, so I can’t play and it’s really anoying. It’s on PC of course.

Please help me guys (or girls).


Można również po Polsku 😉


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  1. go to control panel, devices and printers, right click duel analog pad, game controllers settings, settings, calibrate 🙂

  2. My OS is Win7 and I went to the Saitek website to download the drivers but I can't find the ones for P380. the only closest thing I can see is P480, P3200(Xbox,PC) etc. Do you know what one, or where to get the drivers? Stupid windows 7 not detecting it >.<


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