PRO Basketball Player VS Rigged Carnival Game. Will He Win?? ArcadeJackpotPro


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I’m ArcadeJackpotPro & today I’m at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee Wisconsin with my buddy Brad Starken. He is a Pro basketball player imo & tries his luck on the Rigged basketball carnival game. Watch to see if he wins. We also play other carnival games to see what awesome prizes we can win. Thanks for watching, subscribe for new videos every week


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  1. I get that Brad is not a "Professional" technically speaking. I meant in terms of his skill set being that of a professional level.

  2. Basket ball i am good at that i won the most as I can it's called get on fire at home right before you go to the fair i was best in game's in fairs and arcades is my right up my alley and it was not in that fair I won my home town fair Elmira Ny one thang I hate is fair songs need more like Insane clown posse tilt a whirl that song I won't listen to fair songs my mp3 the tilt a whirl I be braking rules playing my mp3 i did better then him many time you say he is a baskets ball player I won more big prize's then him in basket ball one I won all I could until I can't play no more

  3. He's not a pro player but that doesn't mean his skill set (in this case just shooting) isn't at the pro level. There's plenty of shooting coaches that never went pro but are better pure shooters than actual nba players. They just never went pro because of a lack of other skills, or things like height/weight, etc.

  4. Yall got scammed on the quarterback game the stars were probably collor orange just to think it goes in the hole 🙆🏽‍♂️😂🥶

  5. What they do is, they air the balls up so much it’s almost impossible because the ball will bounce everywhere


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