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PAIRSinPEARS is a word construction game where players race to make pairs of connecting words in matching patterns. The game gets its fruit-inspired touch from the pear-shaped cloth pouch that contains 104 letter tiles. Each tile has one of four patterns on it: solid, outlined, dots, or stripes. To start, place all tiles face down. Each player takes a certain number of tiles, which is determined by the number of players. Then someone calls out, “Go!” and all players use their tiles to make grids of two intersecting words using letters with matching patterns. The number of players also determines the number of grids you must make. When a player has reached the goal number of grids, he calls out, “Pears!” and wins the game. The game is for one to four players.

You can also play an easier version by removing the rule that the letter patterns must match. There are also instructions for playing a version where you score points for the letters you use in your grids.

For pre-readers and beginner readers, the game offers activities to help kids with pattern grouping, letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming, and more.


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