My First Kiss Was So Awkward


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Ever since Kylie was young, she would go to her grandma’s house over the summer. She would hang out in the country and play on the farm – it was a great way to spend her summer break!

When she was 12 – middle school years – she met a boy who she had a huge crush on. The two of them had a little summer fling and would go on fun dates, and they would play putt putt together.

One night, as Kylie was watching TV, she saw a scary trailer and decided to text her crush. She told him that the preview creeped her out and she needed someone to come keep her company – standard, flirty texts! He told her that he would come over and protect her, and she sent over her grandma’s address as a joke. Then, to her surprise, he called her and told her that he was at the house – Kylie never imagined that he would ACTUALLY show up!

Kylie snuck out of her house – as it was really late at night – and went to meet up with her crush. They hid his car in the pasture and hung out together under the moonlight. Kylie was really into her crush, and she never had a boyfriend before. Before she knew it, her crush looked at her and made the move – he went in for a kiss! Even though she was so excited to have her first kiss, Kylie had NO idea what she was doing and it was SO awkward! But, nevertheless, they had a great time and enjoyed their summer night.

The next morning, it was time for Kylie to go home back to her parents’ house, and her grandma asked if she heard anyone outside the night before. Kylie was SO nervous and thought was going to get caught, but she made up an excuse that her grandma seemed to believe – or so she thought! Kylie’s grandma texted her later in the day and DEMANDED to know who she was with, so she had no choice but to confess!

Looking back, Kylie can only laugh as she remembers the time she snuck a boy into her grandma’s backyard and had her first kiss!

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  1. My first kiss was in preschool. This girl grabs me and carries me up, whispers something in my ear (i don't remember what) and kissed me.

  2. My first kiss was with my crush when we were playing a game of something and we ran right into each other…and we kissed (basically)

  3. My first kiss was with my friend

    i was forced to date them and i was forced to kiss her when i declined like 50 times.

    and thats basically sexual assault-

    And the girl i was forced to date hates me now

  4. How i want my first kiss
    1.Has to be in the rain
    2. Has to be in a parking lot
    3. Has to be at night
    4. Cloudy
    5. Has to be a girl 'im gay'

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  6. has anybody else actually had a good first kiss? because i feel like everybody's complaining that there first kiss was bad… mine was with my boyfriend that i've now been dating for 4 years…


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