The new year is upon us, and there are plenty of great city builders lined up over the next 12 months. Join me as I go through a list of my 19 most anticipated city building games of 2019.

00:29 – Tropico 6
01:53 – Anno 1800
03:03 – Dawn of Man
04:17 – Foundation
06:35 – Atmocity
08:00 – Lords and Peasants
09:13 – Industries of Titan
10:10 – Ancient Cities
11:11 – The Architect: Paris
12:26 – The Settlers
13:18 – Seed
14:38 – Depraved
16:09 – Cliff Empire
17:24 – Flotsam
18:05 – Buoyancy
19:07 – Metropolisim
20:14 – Hard Ancient Life
21:36 – Citybound
23:09 – Ymir

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  1. Hey, you stupid moron, can you speak like a usual human being ? This website is not about speed speaking, you damn stupid nerd

  2. Been tropico fanatic since ever but been away from gaming due to time since these games consumes my whole day so I’m trying to get back to it and honestly I love your review and will try to get first tropico6 then foundation cuz it reminds me a lot with the game banished

  3. Do you know "night is coming" ? So much people ignore their FB page, this game sounds promising but they lack communication. Good vid PartyElite !

  4. Any city building games that DO Not need money and finance crap to worry about??? I just like building and decorating and making traffic work and things but a world without money needs. Sorta like star treks the Federation idea, a society without capitalist crap?? Any game anyone ?????

  5. hey bro so whats going on with most of these games? both ancient cities and lords and peasants havent had much news come out lately on a release date.

  6. I'd like cities skylines to make bigger maps and not maps that can be max 81 tiles with mods, because they are too little to build big metropolis.
    Architect: paris is interesting tho


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