Sims 4 game play: It’s another wonderful day with fairy Daydream and her family. Daydream is thinking a lot about babies? Could she have another baby on the way? Find out!

Sims 4 is rated T for Teens

Follow the beautiful rainbow hair fairy Daydream find her prince charming in this fairy-tale world.
Game will follow the legacy of this fairy family as they progress through 10 generations.
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Custom content:
Fairy Wings

Candy Hair:

Candy pastel wave hair:

Long ombre side hair:

Pastel Rainbow Hair:

Deer Skintone:

Cleo Hair-

Pastel lips:

Knit dress:

Pastel white short cut mix hair:


Plaid Shirt:

Mens shirt:

Heathered hoodie:

Camo Top:

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