Last to Leave Pool Wins 10,000 Challenge! Game Master Network


Matt and Rebecca recently were spying on Connor’s first date with Zoe. That was all after Rebecca was stranger things in real life to save Connor. Now In order to get Connor back to Los Angeles we are challenging him to a game of last to leave the pool wins. If we win he comes back but if Connor wins he gets $10,000. Maddie is with Connor and Matt, Rebecca and Robbie Rob are at the house. This might be a good idea to find out more information about Robbie Rob’s secret identity or if Maddie has a crush on him. During the truth or dare challenge Maddie leaves because she doesn’t want to tell anyone she has a crush on him. Rebecca has to drink a gallon of water and Robbie Rob is scared of red things. Who do you think will in in this last to leave the pool wins challenge?

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