Insect Doctor Video Redemption Arcade Game – 15 minutes of Gameplay


The Insect Doctor video redemption arcade game is now available from Highway Entertainment as a game kit or dedicated machine. The game is a multiplayer shooting game, with lottery-game features, in which players must try to catch the buggy characters using the weapons at their disposal.

Insect Doctor features High-Definition graphics detailing beautiful nature scenes and lovable characters on a large LCD monitor. There are a total 16 insect characters and 7 kinds of powerful special weapons to catch them with. The exciting, yet simple game play, has made Insect Doctor and games like it popular among operators and players alike!

The game controls are very simple: each player has one joystick to direct the gun tube, a SHOOT button to shoot their weapon, and a Raise Bet button. These simple controls make the game easy to understand for players of all skill levels, while the layered game play style presents a fun challenge for even seasoned players.

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