How to use Black widow ( Claire Voyant) | Guide | Marvel Contest of Champions




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  1. Hope you guys loved this video! If you did press the like button and if i did any mistake in the video please let me know in the comments,
    Any suggestions will be appreciated 😊

  2. Sp2 bleed heal, poison power, fire damage + buff immunity for all three
    Charges used to nullify or to give more power to sp3

  3. I use –
    Old Man Logan
    Spider Gwen
    On my line up,So want to ask you shall i replace dormamu with her ??

  4. I have a 4* and 5* version of her and never understood how to use her, into this video now got try to play her more often just wish could duped her

  5. Brooooo broooo brooooooooo…i just puleed her out 1 min ago …i m just so happy…i have watched this video earlier …but i will watch it again 🤩🤩🤩 .
    Omg i m so excited she has completed my roster ..i was so lacking in mystic champs i have. 73 4* but only 3 are mystic rest were dr strange and morodo

  6. Just pulled her as a 5* yesterday & am glad your video popped up when i searched how to use her
    I didn't realize shes basically triple immune when I got her. So if I'm understanding & wording this correctly, you wanna use whatever curse the champ your fighting is immune too, to gain power?


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