How to Make Gaming Thumbnails in Photoshop (with Free Template)


Gaming Thumbnail ‘How to’ Photoshop Tutorial. How to make Professional YouTube Gaming Thumbnails in 2020 with a FREE thumbnail template download!

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My name is Ray Lyons and I have a passion for Graphic Design. I Love to create. I have always enjoyed Art and Computing and discovered a way to combine these interests using image-editing software (e.g Photoshop) . I then went on to further this interest by studying ‘Web Development & Creative Media’ In College.
Using Adobe Photoshop I learn new things each day. Watching YouTube ‘How to’ Photoshop Tutorials has greatly helped me in my journey and I have now decided to get in on the action and return the favour to the GFX community by creating my own GFX tutorials.

I now upload How to Photoshop tutorials of my own showing other aspiring designers how to make/ create a large range of things within minutes.

If you Have found this video helpful or informative PLEASE simply drop a comment and let me know! I’d Love to hear your feedback.



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  1. everytime i press ctrl + t it highlights another triangle and just makes another one on its own, i cant move the one i primarily colored in with the brush

  2. unuseable tutorial. cant even drag my image to my thing. i cant get the background in. you di=ont even show me how to do that. how do i get the background in????


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