Destiny 2 | How to Get THE LAST WORD! Quest Guide, Easier PvP Medals & Final Boss Tips! (The Draw)


Destiny 2: How to The Last Word in Destiny 2, The Draw Quest Guide, Easier PvP Kills, PvP Medal Guide & Conversation Mission Tips (The Draw Quest Guide)

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*Outro : Lensko – Circles (Provided by NoCopyrightSounds)
*Veorra – Home
*Ooyy – Gelatin Nature (Epidemic Sounds)
*Ocean Jams – Spaced (Epidemic Sounds)
*Dyalla – Beachside
*Kronicle – Wake Up
*Crying Over You – Chris Morro
*Frame Beatz – Free Trap Beat
*Music Beach – MBB
*Rock Angel – Joakim Karud


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  1. The quest was a good solid grind for the last few hours 😛 Lots of PvP but man, one of the best Quest endings I think we've had! Let me know what you think!

  2. the drifter doesn't have this quest for me and I don't have the taken anomaly in my inventory… Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. I'd rather have to get 1000 pvp headshot final blows with hand cannons then ever have to do that buggy ass stupid as fuck last mission.

  4. Hey thanks to this competive pvp that why most of the stuff is pvp related. It was more fun in d1 n d1 trials. Why people complain about luna n forgotten bc thanks to youtuber n streamer by carrying people for money n sub n view that why there so many with luna n the forgotten n is not just youtuber or streamers also this other good players charging 250 to what ever just to make money n just to carry or use there accounts to get this top weapons that why pvp is crazy. Bc this weapons were made to does that put in the work n challenge themself instead of the easy way but nobody talks about that . But the last word is was good something different but still is not d1. I wish i someone to help me out with the forgotten o wait i dont have money like that bc it goes on bills n my kids.

  5. 4:33 wait a second I soloed the mission on my 569 Titan I think it scales
    A tip playing titan cancer comp (hammer of sol + shotgun + Sniper)
    I got this shit ez


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