Clash of Clans Level 40 – Collateral Damage


This is a walkthrough for Collateral Damage in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. Guys, distract the two mortars with 2 giants. They will move down towards the entrance of the base, which will cause the mortars to keep missing them. You will need about 10 archers for the anti-air to the right and about 20 for the archer tower to the left (make sure you keep them as far away from the cannon as you can). Then simply drop two balloons on the wizard tower at the top; it barely does any damage and it will be very easy to take it down. If you want to be totally sure, you can always drop one more giant there, but it's not necessary. So that't it! 
    In total you need:
    2 giants
    30 archers
    2 balloons

    Good luck!

  2. I used to struggle on the single player matches, but thanks to your walkthroughs I have been able to keep up without any problems. Thank you so much for making these tutorials available to all of us. 

  3. i have a suggestion instead of balloons you can use Minions or Dragons they are more expensive but are better, just a suggestion 😛

  4. It goes a lot faster to train, if you use minions instead of baloons. I'm at th 8 and the drill is lvl 3. So I don't loose any dark elixir.


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