China Dragon – Video Redemption Arcade Game


China Dragon is a fish hunting arcade game. The video shows gameplay captured straight from the video redemption (videmption) game’s gameboard.
There are a total of 19 fish based characters, 3 dragon based characters (a red, gold and green dragon) and 1 Sea Monster character which is the big prize for players to try and score! The game also has heaps of fun features and mini-games for players to enjoy, making it challenging for older or more experienced players, however the gameplay concept is still quite simple enough for the younger or inexperienced players to fully enjoy.

The features include:

-Crazy Piranha — this fish eats the other fish on the playfield as it swims by. With each fish it eats it gets bigger and becomes worth more points — almost like a hidden prize!

-Sea Monster — this is the big prize. Players shoot at the Sea Monster for coins and earn the big reward if they manage to kill it. It’s worth 300-500 points.

-Vortex or Cyclone — this can be shot by the players, and the player who manages to hit it will receive anywhere between 5-20 fish with it as it sucks in the surrounding fish giving all points to the player.

-Hockey Props — this is a big blue bubble that floats across the screen. When a player shoots it the screen is frozen for 3 seconds before it shatters, killing all the fish on the screen, awarding all points to the player.

-Fireball Props — this is a big red and orange bubble that floats across the screen. When a player shoots it a cross fire appears on the screen for a limited time, and when a fish swims into it or touches it is killed and all points are awarded to the player.

To play the game, players buy credits. Each shot from their gun costs a certain amount of credits, which may be increased by the player which will also increase the gun’s power. The player then tries to capture ocean creatures by shooting them, and if they are succesful they are rewarded with a certain amount of credits, depending on the creature’s point value.
The player can choose to pay out their credits at any time in the way set by the machine’s owner (such as coins, receipt, tickets or tokens).
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