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I’m ArcadeJackpotPro & today Kristie and I are at Big Play arcade in Beloxi Mississippi where we see if we can crack the safe to win the prize. Also watch to see what else happens. Thanks for watching. Subscribe for new videos every week.

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29 thoughts on “CAN WE CRACK THE SAFE?? ARCADE REDEMPTION GAME Arcade Jackpot Pro

  1. Lake bos ku saya paling suka nonton you tube anda lake😁🤩💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Nice to see you get the jackpot on the ring toss game. I feel like those ticket claw machines are 90% rigged and 10% luck lol

  3. Nice jackpots. Did you guys also do a live that day? I think i remember Kristie being sickish during one of the live streams on that trip and on her Insta today she mentioned this is the video where she was sick from bad food.
    I dunno. I could be delusional. More delusional.

  4. “It’s half price day, it’s only $1 today and it’s usually like $3” 🤔ummm I think your math might be a bit off

  5. Awesome win on the ring toss game for 500 tickets. Never won on the keymaster machine. The claw machines with spiky balls that have tickets on them seem fairly easy to win at.

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