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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Collateral Damage Achievement / Trophy Guide, Collateral Damage Tutorial, Collateral Damage How to

Here you see the Achievement / Trophy Collateral Damage from the Game Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Travel to Tychos Ribs, in the first Area spawns in the right Building two, sometimes, 3 Lost Legion Eternal. This Kind of Enemy must be transformed into a Eternal Instability or a Eternal Magus. Weaken the Lost Legion Eternal by 25% and the transformations begins. The Eternal Instability is a little bit Lucky to get 3 Enemies around the Explosion but it is possible. The Eternal Magus is the better Way but you need Level 40+ to survive long enough in this Area. Weaken the Enemies and let the Magus kill they with his projectiles.

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Achievements / Trophies

Collateral Damage
Have a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends.


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