Beast Quest: Tips & Tricks – How To Beat Krazbal


Having trouble with Krazbal in Beast Quest? He’s the first proper boss of Beast Quest, and he’s hard as nails! You’ve never faced anything this tough in a Miniclip game before, so it’s understandable you might be struggling. Worry not, we are here to help! Simply watch the video and learn how to make Krazbal meet his maker! ►SUBSCRIBE for more:

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Our epic action-adventure game, based on the hit Beast Quest books, is now available free to download on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. An evil wizard has enchanted the magical Beasts of Avantia – and only a true hero can free the Beasts and stop them from destroying the land. Are you the hero Avantia has been waiting for?

Embark on your epic action-adventure in huge open worlds. Battle hordes of dangerous enemies and take on the Beasts in huge boss battles. Explore snowy peaks and sandy beaches, seeking out ancient artifacts and lost treasures. Take on multiple foes at once, timing your sword-swings, blocks and dodges to defeat them. Complete quests and upgrade your gear to give you an edge!

– Explore an open world!
– Fight multiple foes at once in action-packed combat!
– Face off against the famous beasts themselves and free them from an evil spell!
– Find hidden treasures and secrets!
– See the places and characters from the books you know and love!

Beast Quest is out NOW for free on iOS and Android!

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  1. I have played this game 2 times it took 10 hours to complete Nanook world 2 days to defeat epos and 1.5 days for sepron with rest in between.

  2. and now this game belongs to animoca brands … (but it's still Miniclip that makes this game even though it belongs to animoca brands)

  3. I've been struggling for days to beat him. Hahaha. But judging from your video, I need to focus on dodging attacks. I rarely dodge, because I'm so focused on beating him/monsters. You need to be good at multitasking I guess???

  4. i have completed this game 2 times and i m again playing it for 3rd time because this game has won my HEART! BOMBASTIC GAME!

  5. Lol krazbal is too easy I kill him on level 6 but dark fang is the hard and imagine if nanook, dark fang and krazbal togethrr fight you im so done


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