Backstage Pass – Episode 1 "Signing a Board Game"


Behind the scenes look at making a board game with Druid City Games. Sorcerer City, designed by Scott Caputo is our 4th game in our lineup. We hope to bring you along side the process, giving you an inside look at how we take a game from the initial designer contract, all the way through the Kickstarter and then through production. This is our first episode in this effort, here we talk about the prototype we played at GenCon and the process of talking with Scott about signing the game with DCG. We also give you a quick look at the prototype and the gameplay.

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  1. James YOU ARE THE MAN!!!….. Thank you for this insightful video….. Keep up the great work, looking forward for more of you and druid city games future projects.

  2. Game looks right up my alley.
    Just a thought. Everyone starts with same starting tiles? To make it more interesting/interactive, consider drafting your starting tiles???

  3. Amazing production James and crew! was saving this video in the watch it later list and just saw it right now. Gonna find another moment to watch next epìsode. Keep up the awesomeness that characterises you guys! Bregards from Lima, Peru!

  4. Hey, so what all do you guys do as the publisher? Do you do any graphic design, or do you hire that out? The art as well obviously as I’ve seen in your video. Just curious, want to know more about your company and process. Been reading Jamey’s blog and learning more from his perspective.

  5. So is the intent with the tiles to keep them fairly abstract for ergonomics or will you be doing them up with thematic art that still emphasizes the color matching element? I imagine thematically, the yellow spaces would be markets/yellowed adorned bazaars (as they create gold), purple spaces would be mage guilds/wizardy places (as they create magic),  red spaces would be red roofed government buildings (as they create influence) and the green might be landmarks/parks/etc. (things that increase the general prestige of your city). Then I suppose the shields would represent police precincts/guard towers protecting each respective district.

  6. Great videography, good balance of fact and story…. I'm personally less interested in the where (like the coffeeshop) and more interested in the why (why this theme excites you, why this game excited you). The how would be great to see as well (how publisher works with designer, manufacturer, FLGS, etc.), and I look forward to seeing how it all ties together =)

  7. I like the documentary style, very well done as far as i can tell. You both are entertaining and fun to watch. Ignacy Trzewiczek from Portal Games also does a behind the scene type of vlog.
    As for the game sorcery city, i'm not convinced yet. It doesn't click with me but maybe you will win me over somewhere on the way :).

  8. Awesome! This is probably the best I have ever seen coming from an independent board game publisher. I really admire your work. I like it a lot. It also frightens me a bit because it sets the bar of expectations on backer side quite high. For a really small company it is hard to compete with this. But it’s a positive challenge, everyone should strive for their best. You are almost iconic and I appreciate it 🙂


  9. Sweet! Thanks for the behind the scenes process… tiles building/placement. Now I know that I'm not the only one making brain computing noise while playing board games @15:48

  10. Love the idea for this series, James, and have subscribed! Looking forward to receiving Grimm Forest as well (backer here).

  11. This is a great idea and will be a wonderful insight into the process of bringing a game to life. It will also definitely drive people to backing Sorcerer City on Kickstarter. Looking forward to future episodes and to receiving my copy of Grimm Forest.


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