Avatar Legends of the Arena Gameplay #01 [Fire] 2020


We are back at it! I had the opportunity to be one of the first persons ever to play this game after the shutdown in 2012! Here is some gameplay and this is officially the beginning of my ALOTA Gamepaly series! 🌊🔥⛰🌪

After I created my character in the first Gameplay video, which was more like a reaction and testing it out, we dive together into this fantastic and stunning world. As a firebender we join the army and therefore we have to practice some fighting skills. As training is only available at the moment, I will show you some training gameplay and I am gonna change in the upcoming episodes the classes/nations.

A brave team out of five strong men were sitting for 2 years in front of their computers and made this possible for us! This group is the real legend of the Arena!
We can finally play Avatar Legends of the Arena again!
No matter if you want to play as Zuko, Avatar Aang, Katara, Toph or create your own Firebender, Waterbender, Earthbender or Airbender, its YOUR CHOICE! Become a legend now!
After all the tragedies that happened in 2020, this is finally something good!

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Avatar Legends of the Arena is back 2020 Gameplay:

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Let’s get Avatar Legends of the Arena back! +Old Video Material 2014 HD

The Jedi Robe Strikes Back [Star Wars VFX] 2020:

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Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells
Drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy
Come marching home
Brave soldier boy
Comes marching home
Avatar: Legends of the Arena is a 3D MMO game connected to Avatar: The Last Airbender released by Nick.com on September 15, 2008. Players have the opportunity to create their own characters and compete against players in several 3D arenas. With each new level of play, players will unlock new material.

First, players of the game will need to select a “mode of play”, which includes the online play, which allows one to play against other opponents, as well as a training mode of play, wherein the player must complete a task to gain “experience points”. Before playing, a player will need a bender and a name. All the gaming elements are available, though it does not allow one to select swordsman, archers or any other kind of warriors. The bender is also customizable, as the game settings allow customization of the hair, clothesline, gender and accessories. Clothing and hair differ for genders, but the appearance is purely cosmetic, and has no effect on the gameplay.
Legends of the Arena creation
Players begin by creating their own bender.
The customization continues with the ability to change a character’s bending moves. A player will have eight moves with four equipped ones. These moves are all unlocked at the start of the game, but can advance in rank as they progress and as their level increases, the items will change, helping their stats increase with a limit of three items equipped. Eight other items also exist in a player’s storage, and can be unlocked having an item that can only be acquired by doing a set amount of matches on online play, or by reaching a certain level. Some unlocked content cannot be bought in the store, as each element has a store with items specific to the element. When this is all in check, the save icon will have some light around it, and save it for future gaming use.

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