Ardor – Tutorial – "Live Your Fantasy"


Ardor —

Part 2 of the game is “Live Your Fantasy”

With the cards won in the first part, the winner customizes the fantasy however s/he wants.

Ardor is a card game for couples. It allows partners to know each other better, to discover new things and to improve communication in the relationship.

It increases awareness in your relationship by making you focus on your and your partner’s desires.

You will be surprised every time with millions of possible combinations while being inspired at every step.

You never really stop playing Ardor, it builds up foreplay and excitement for days and it continues long after the game is played with one last card in the game which will encourage you to be spontaneous and creative.

Find out more, read reviews on the site: and let us know what you think in the comments.

Spice things up in your relationship with a unique strategy card game for couples

Video made by the great team at Jokaland Inspirations:


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