Ardor Maiden All Skills – Accel World vs Sword Art Online


Ardor Maiden’s character page:

Pay attention to how I stay in the air. A lot of players are going to have problems with this and end up saying “These characters are handicapped cuz they can’t fly!”. Its not hard to stay in the air. You just need a conscious effort and some knowledge to do it.

All AW characters were showcased at Lv1000+ on Vidofnir [Easy] & Satet [Normal] with only the Luna Ring and the Cyan Wing Equipped.
Their AW Attack Units are all Rank 10 but no engraved stones were used.

Ardor Maiden is an interesting character providing a fun mix of close range attacks with long range attacks. She is a lot stronger than she looks and the best bow user in the game in my books. She just has to spend a really long time building meter (T_T)

Music: Looming Danger [Persona Q]; Laser Beam [Persona Q]


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