6 Party Games for Couples & Teams (Minute to Win It)


If you’re a couple or looking to find games for groups/teams, try out these 6 fun Minute to Win It party games for your next event! Fun for both kids and adults!
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1. Pucker Up – 00:30
Items: Tennis balls & tubes, bowl
Rules: Using only the pressure of their lips, players must work together to pick up tennis balls and transfer them into tubes across the room. The team that transfers the most balls or fills all 3 containers within 60 seconds wins.

2. Spin Doctor – 01:53
Items: Dollar coin
Rules: One player must send a dollar coin spinning across a table while the other attempts to stop it with a single finger.

3. Tilt-A-Cup – 03:04
Items: Ping Pong Balls, Cups
Rules: One player must bounce ping pong balls while the other catches them in a 7-cup stack. When a ball is caught, the bottom cup must be moved to the top of the stack. This must be repeated until all 7 cups are filled with ping pong balls.

4. On the Rebound – 04:26
Items: Ping pong balls, mesh wastebaskets, clipboard
Rules: Players must bounce ping pong balls off a clipboard attached to their teammate and land them into 3 wastebaskets.

5. Iron Board Man – 05:10
Items: Marbles, Ironing Board
Rules: Players must maneuver a marble into one of the 3 highlighted holes on an ironing board.

Brush With Danger – 06:21
Items: Toothbrush, Cup, String
Rules: Standing 15 feet apart, players must guide a toothbrush on top of a string held by both players and into a cup.

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  1. Great video. Very entertaining. Would you consider doing a video for our new party game called Diss Jockey? It involves themes created by cards where players pull up songs on their mobile device they feel fit the theme. It's a great party game. I think you would have a blast with it. Check us out at dissjockey.com. Thanks.


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