5 Fun Two Player Abstract Board Games for New Gamers


Board Game Sanctuary Presents
Two Player Abstract Board Games

I love a good two player board game especially if you just want to spend a quiet night playing with a best mate or your significant other. Two player games often have a fast turn structure, tight and tense game play moments as well as an opportunity for some very deep strategic decision making.

This video aims to look at some of my favourite two player abstract games that can be seen as ‘lighter’ or ‘alternatives’ to chess. Games like Hive, Santorini and Onitama may look deceptively simple, but the gameplay and actions that players can take throughout a game can almost match the high tension and suspense level of a game of chess.

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Some other 2 Player Abstract Board Games to Check Out!

Haru Ichiban
Magic: The Gathering

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  1. DVONN, TZAAR, Mixtour and Tintas. You should try these four great abstract strategy games.

    Sekigahara is also a 2-player diamond. But a block wargame.

  2. i really want a game similar to chess, so its all about unit placements and planning ahead , however what i don't like about chess is that weaker units can take anything in one move. does anyone know of one where each unit has advantages and disadvantages like archers for distance but poor against cavalry ect , mabie even landscape on the board ?? edit : to me, onitama and hive look the best but im thinking more like warhammer table play

  3. I used to be a big Chess guy but Hive has now eaten my brain. What a fantastic game. It only take 15-25 minutes to play and yet it is very deep.

  4. My favorite 2 player game is called Egyptian Senet. There is an App you can download of the game. It is the game they played in ancient Egypt

  5. 1:35 Aw, those god cards make a nice simple abstract needlessly complex. Santorini is better without them.

    4:00 Why are you gabbling? Please speak more slowly and more clearly. (Actually the both of you need to speak more clearly.)

  6. RE: Santorini – The Holy Greatmartyr Irene is unhappy that there are pagan god cards in the game named after the island named after her.

  7. Anyone that is fans of abstract games check out Abstract Nation on facebook, a great community for these games! https://www.facebook.com/groups/AbstractNationX/

  8. I just purchased Santorini but mine did not come with the base board, just the 'rock' and the play surface. Did they stop making the base?

  9. Thanks for presenting these great games!
    I am especially pleased to see Onitama getting shown … and Hive as well.

  10. It's worth pointing out that Santorini is now available at Target stores at a lower more accessible price point (19.99 USD)


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